Our Applications Features

The features we provide

Admin Backend

Full control of how and what you present to your customers

Merchant backend

Depending on your setup, mechants can have full control of their own business on the platform ( and their own website)

Monetize per service

Charge different rates per type of order or booking

Delivery management

Logistics dashboard, driver APP : Hybrid driver solution Independant Platform drivers, Platform employed drivers or Self delivery

Multivendor APP

PWA, Android and IOS , multiple store types, one place to order or make reservations

Merchant App

PWA, Android and IOS, easy management of your business from any device

Google Tag Manager

A short description of this service and how it helps clients.

User Consent

GDPR friendly setup , with Consentmanger.net as a cmp partner


Realtime updates, push messages, chat and mail 

Zipcode delivery zones

Manage delivery cost per zipcode prefix.

Driver App

Manage your drivers and deliveries. 

Table Reservations

Shifts, Rooms and Tables, manage occupancy rate efficiently. ( with wait list)


Serve your customers in your resturant, either on the web pos or the POS on the merchants App.


Everybody likes a discount, persuade customers to order more by giving a discount on a service ( Delivery, Dine-in , or Takeout)


Mix it , match it, make it personal. Coupons give you a way to bind customers to your business

Stripe Connect

Automate payouts and have merchants get paid with ease

Menu Control

A menu is the core of your business, 

Price and discount Control

A menu is the core of your business, 

Investors ROI

99% of the Hyperlocal marketplaces start with investors. They want a return on their investment. Automate it and automatically payout  a % of each order to your Investor.

Role Based acces

Weither it’s by region ( zipcode prefix) or by type of Role. Manage acces.