Your focus should be Cooking And Pleasing your guests

Let us handle the rest.

Our Services

Responsive Website, PWA, Android app, IOS app, Merchant app, Delivery app hosted on Google Cloud

Website + App development

A select team of developers ( with also combined 64 years of food service and food service industry experience). Have used this experience and created a total food experience online.

google cloud

Google Cloud managed hosting

Some of Europes top Cloud Architects and DevOps set up and maintain our infrastructure. A dev and a prod enviroment for each customer, VM's, Cloud sql, Firebase realtime Db,

Analytics and BI

Google Tag manager , in combination with Google analytics , or if GA is not allowed your private google cloud hosted matamo analytics server. Depending on the Business type and size, Big Query and Looker integration and support.

Setup and Configuration

Although we have created a Plafrom tailor made for the European market , each site will have to be set up and configured.

Why Choose Us

We are European

Not trying to offend other parts of the world , but based on personal experience. We look at the processes and not on a feature allone . In Europe we have to deal with different LAWs and Regulations, different ways of ordering and consuming. We’ve done al the work for you.


Besides developing a secure hyperlocal platform. We combine Google Cloud with Google Workspace ( thus identity).  Helping organisations protecting their data.

We Care

Food is an Emotion.
So customer, your staff or the delivery driver if their food experience starts good it will only be better when consumed. 


Rather manage your Restaurant (s) than your Ecommerce and IT?

It does not matter to us if you are a Grillroom or a Restaurant Chain or if you want to start a hyperlocal food/fast service platform. Schedule a meet and lets discuss your options.